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Are you ready to break free from the chains of addiction, anxiety, past trauma and/or bad habits that prevent you from living the life you want?

Isn't time you felt calm, confident and in control of yourself and your life?

You may be surprised how quickly and easily long-lasting transformation can be achieved!

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No matter what your goal is, why spend weeks in therapy when most clients experience the freedom they are looking for in only 1,2 or 3 sessions.

Weight Reduction

No more eating for the wrong reasons.

Be healthier, happier and more confident.

Achieve and maintain your ideal weight for life!

Stop craving junk food!

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Quit Smoking

Curb any cravings instantly.

Break free from addiction without chemicals or patches.

Feel the financial and health benefits of being a non-smoker.

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Find relief from anxiety and other forms of unease including 

 - Panic attacks

 - Phobias eg Fear of flying, fear of needles

 - Social anxiety

These are all physiological responses that can be overcome by hypnotherapy.

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Control Alcohol Intake

You can choose whether you want to stop drinking entirely ...

or control your alcohol consumption so you can still enjoy a social drink without fear of over-indulging.


Lose the emotional baggage.

Remove the blocks to communication and understanding that get in the way of you being in a loving and fulfilling relationship.

It's time to love and feel loved in a happy and healthy way.

Change Bad Habits

Bad habits that took a lifetime to develop can be gone in a day.

Manage your finances better.


Declutter your home.

Improve memory and study ability.

What is

Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy™ embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients: the use of trance, regression and hypnotic conditioning.
RTT™ goes beyond diagnosing what works with clients to build a new therapeutic approach.

About Zoe

Hi, I'm Zoe, and I love helping my clients achieve the results they want for themselves and their life.

It makes my heart swell when they discover that the struggle is over, and their subconscious mind is now working FOR them instead of against them. There is nothing like seeing the 'lightness' of people as the burden of past traumas or habits are lifted of their shoulders and they walk out of here smiling and confident.

I wasn't always a hypnotherapist. I've had a varied career and my share of struggles. I've probably faced many of the same problems as you. I've been anxious, overweight and addicted to unhealthy behaviours - but not anymore, and not ever again.

My clients enjoy visiting my little oasis here in the Moreton Bay area. Many of my hypnotherapy clients come from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas for face to face sessions but don't worry if you live somewhere else in Australia or even the world -  Hypnotherapy is quite effective via Zoom!

Certified Ruffle Coach


SEE what Zoe's clients say...

I don't want junk food anymore

I feel more settled inside, bit more confident and I say that affirmation throughout the day.

Biggest change I've noticed is I definitely have more self control with food, its not even a conscious decision, i'm more mindful. Not snacking and grazing, have been able to stay away from junk. My partner loves junk and so does my work place, so I normally graze with it. But i've not been interested. And some of those foods just the thought of makes me think yuk, haven't been able to touch those bars since.

And I've been craving all the good foods, stuff I haven't had in ages. I had to go shop because I just had to have those foods, so its great. And if I do have some foods that don't agree with me, my body is way more vocal, so I'll start taking some of those things away for good

Feeling good, thank you


Feeling Confident and Creative

I’m feeling more motivated now that the relationships around me are doing better and I’m feeling better within myself. I have just ordered in new stock for my art so I’m ready to get onto it and begin. 🙂

More motivated

Needle phobia gone

Zoe you are an amazing lady! I have had the pleasure to sit with you while you take my needle phobia away and I have now had a few procedures and can say I have not fainted or become ill since my session and listened to my recording. Thank you!

No more fainting


I am feeling ‘enough’ and I am noticing positive changes within myself and I am so more relaxed. I feel more confident. Something that would make me really nervous in the past is not doing that to me since the experience I had with you.

Positive changes

Sleeping better

I've tried alot things over the years to change my frame of mind. Our session was super helpful with my anxiety, sleeping better, and overall just feeling more positive about my life. I've never thought rapid transformation therapy would help me, but here I am. Zoe has helped me find the tools I needed to set my mind free. This is huge recommendation!! 12/10!!

Michael Mauff

Quit smoking

Zoe is amazing! My session was life changing I've quit smoking, lost weight and sorted some painful issues from my childhood.


No Desire for Wine

I felt so light, different and upbeat after our session -

I listened to the recording last night twice actually, and noticed I had no desire for a glass of wine in the fridge.
I also had a good conversation with my partner about all it is that we want and don't want.

Feeling Different

I now like who I am

I've attended, studied, received and gifted so many healing modalities, including a different style of hypnosis, and the session with Zoe is still rippling through my day to day life. It's like a great weight has been lifted and I am now able to be my own person AND like who this person is.

Lizzie Williams

I'm so much happier

I awoke at 6am and got up, did my yoga, felt revitalised. I worked from home and was full of energy all day. It was fabulous. I am usually exhausted. I am so much happier. Happier, than I have been in ages within myself. It is truly a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much. I look forward to listening to my personal recording. It helps me relax and I finish with a big smile on my face. I have been very creative in my food and really enjoying it. It may sound odd, but I can already feel my stomach changing..

Happy and Slim

Stopped binge eating

I have lost over 5kg already and feel great!! I did have a big party night on the wine Friday night but did not binge eat at all while drunk or the next day - which is big for me.

No bingeing

Procrastinating Less

I am feeling like I am distanced from the emotions that were pulling me in and down to disapproval. I’ve noticed in many situations how different I feel. I didn’t realise how much I’d been oppressed. I am starting to work on my own projects again and moving them forward. I am grateful for your support.

After 21 days

I am feeling fantastic. I’ve been working through a lot of productive projects towards moving forward with success. Procrastinating less and doing more.

I have less emotional feelings of pulling me into oppression, particularly with my family. I feel okay and resolved. I don’t have ill feelings or expectations.

I feel deserving of success and I’m no longer concerned with how that makes anyone else feel.

I deserve success

I am beautiful and strong

I feel so different, I am happier, I feel lighter, I have core strength and energy. I’m sitting up straight, I’m holding myself up straight, I have strength to even hold my tummy in haha.

I’ve lost three kg since Monday as I weighed this morning so I’m even more pumped and happy. I feel really different. I can’t explain it .

I am beautiful and strong and I am a grown up and I don’t have to be bullied or belittled or used and abused. I don’t have to please people who do nothing but upset me and hurt me. I feel empowered. But still so full of love. And I’m not feeling so needy anymore.

I’m not eating as much, I can’t eat much, chocolate tastes gross and all I’m wanting is salad and water.

Feeling empowered

My Whole Relationship with Food has Changed

My whole relationship with food has changed. I no longer see it as a comfort, all it is to me now is a necessity to fuel my body and it’s even a bit of a hassle to get hungry and have to eat

I weighed myself this morning and I’m 5.8kgs lighter and that’s without any exercise! Just eating when I’m hungry and choosing fist sized portions of healthy, unprocessed food free from gluten and sugar

I can’t thank you enough. I’m finding the whole process so easy and effortless just like you say in the recording.

I feel so good, so much energy, so empowered and in control of my body and mind.

I’ve noticed that my anxiety has also improved so much. I’m so much more chilled out, and I’m sure it’s coz I’m not eating sugar, gluten or processed foods

I don’t know how to describe what I’m feeling but I think the word to sum it up is FREE!!

Empowered and in Control

No more cravings

After having a session with Zoe, for an issue with food and weight issues, I have finally found relief from craving junk food, immediately after leaving her house! I had a session right in the middle of a junk food cycle, in which I saw no end to. It has been 3 weeks since my session and I have dropped 3kg, and haven't even felt like anything naughty, even during a few stressful days! My whole life has been a constant battle with food, and weight fluctuations accordingly. Food was my addiction, but not any more! I only eat whole natural foods now, only eat when hungry, and the constant temptation for bad food has completely gone. All in one session!! I highly recommend Zoe to anyone with a food issue.

Sylvie Williams

I remind myself I don't smoke

I listen every night to the recording. Had a laugh as I wonder if it's hypnotising the dogs who sleep in my room. Feeling great, and I find myself reminding me that I don't smoke.

Thanks again.

Feeling great

No thought of drinking

Partner was extremely difficult yesterday, but I didn’t react. Walked past 2 bottle shops and cafes with others drinking wine and had no cravings at all - only after I got home, I realised that I hadn't even thought of drinking.

No cravings

Great progress

I came to Zoe 121kgs, miserable and addicted to sugar and processed junk foods.
Zoe was able to help me discover why I loved junk foods and why I always found a way to sabotage myself when I was able to make some progress with my weight.
Since my RTT session with Zoe my whole relationship with food has changed. I no longer see it as a comfort, all it is to me now is a necessity to fuel my body and it’s even a bit of a hassle to get hungry and have to eat.
I weighed myself this morning and I’m 5.8kgs lighter and that’s without any exercise! Just eating when I’m hungry and choosing fist sized portions of healthy unprocessed foods.
I’ve been listening to the recording every night before bed and I’m finding the whole process so easy and effortless just like Zoe says in the recording.
I feel so good, I have so much energy, I’m so empowered and I’m finally control of my body and mind.
Thank you Zoe for helping me get my life back

Claire Martlew

I'm putting me first

Today I have struggled with my boss but found it in my power to continue to be the best I can be. I have definitely felt more positive and my focus has been very positive. I’m feeling like there’s a change in as far as focusing on me. Things are feeling right . There was a situation I had to deal with and as much as I didn’t want to, my gut was telling me otherwise and I feel I have made the right decision. Because I put me first.

Feeling positive
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