Are you ready to break free from your smoking habit?

Are you sick of the financial and health toll that smoking takes on you?

Have you been worried about how your smoking affects your loved ones?

You’ve probably tried to give up smoking before … maybe a few times. But it’s a tough battle to win when you are fighting against yourself. Your willpower is pitted against many years of habit – it’s really hard work to stop yourself from doing something you have enjoyed for a very long time.

That’s where hypnotherapy is different. You won’t be relying on willpower at all. You will be thinking differently about smoking – in fact, you will think like a non-smoker and BECOME a non-smoker!

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing experience that helps uncover your relationship with smoking and change it so you can quickly and easily quit smoking permanently.


  • Removes the triggers that make you want to smoke
  • Replaces the old habit of smoking with new healthy habits
  • Stops you from feeling cravings
  • Changes the way you think and feel about cigarettes
  • Puts smoking in your past, not in your future
  • Sets you up for a healthy lifestyle

Hypnotherapy helps your mind work FOR you, instead of AGAINST you. That’s how so many of our clients have achieved their goal of quitting smoking forever … and more easily and quickly than they thought possible.

If you are ready to be a non-smoker and believe that the time to quit is NOW then talk to Zoe about making it happen in just 1 or 2 sessions.

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