About Zoe

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis has been practised in varying forms for thousands of years by many cultures including the Celts and Egyptians.

Hypnosis is a very easy, pleasant, and natural state to achieve and is a highly effective way to access the amazing ability of your subconscious mind.

Zoe explains it like this –

‘When we use our conscious mind to solve our problems, we use the beta part of the mind. We may have chosen what we want and how we are going to achieve that outcome. For example, you may have decided to get fit and healthy by eating well and exercising. But then you binge eat and sit on the couch instead. That is because there are conflicting looping thoughts going on in your subconscious mind.’ 

‘When you go into hypnosis you get access to your alpha mind were all your learnings, experience and creative ideas are. Only some people have access to the alpha mind in a waking state and they are often the very successful people. In hypnosis you gain more control over your mind than in the conscience state. ‘

When you are in the library of your alpha mind, Zoe guides you to the bookshelf of the topic you have come to master and from there you discover the thoughts that have been holding you back. She then helps you upgrade those thoughts to align with your conscience choices, working together as a powerful team to easily achieve results.

About Zoe

Zoe is equipped with an array of techniques and tools that are crucial in guiding you through this communication with your subconscious mind.

Zoe Westcott is a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy™ practitioner. Rapid Transformational Therapy™ (referred to as RTT™) embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis and hypnotherapy that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients: the use of trance, regression, and hypnotic conditioning. RTT™ incorporates cutting edge techniques that quickly achieve lasting results.

Zoe’s journey to becoming a world-class hypnotherapist began at a fire walking event with Tony Robbins. Here Zoe first experienced the technique of regression that took her back to her first memory and she discovered the looping thoughts that were holding her back in life.

After many years of study and training in many different fields including life coaching, NLP, financial literacy, nutritional therapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and graphology, Zoe blends the best of these techniques to give you the best results.

Zoe has trained with a Who’s Who of the hypnotherapy world –

  • Marissa Peer for Rapid Transformational Therapy®
  • Mike Mandel at the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy – Mike teaches a super-effective combination of NLP and Ericksonian Principles of Hypnosis
  • Freddy Jacquin at the Freddy Jacquin Academy – Freddy teaches the famous Arrow technique.

Zoe has an uncanny ability to combine all her learnings to meet an individual’s specific needs in a way that is even more effective than RTT alone. This means Zoe helps people overcome fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions, and even issues like depression and obesity in just a few sessions.

Zoe has a very relaxed, non-judgemental, and calm approach to hypnotherapy sessions that helps her clients feel safe, secure, and understood. Her combination of learnings and experience enable Zoe to give people complete freedom from their issues.

Rapid Transformational Practitioner Badge
International Institute for Complementary Therapists Member Badge
Jacquin Hypnosis Academy Certified Hypnotherapist Badge
Certified Ruffle Coach Badge
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